1. Charlie St Cloud. Where Zac is a troubled yet dreamy loner.AA Zac-Efron-Charlie-St-Cloud-Poster

2. At Any Price. Where Zac lives on a farm and doesn’t wash his face. AAat any price

3. Me & Orson Welles. Where Zac plays a boy desperate to work in theater. AAme-and-orson-welles-poster

4. The Derby Stallion. Where Zac is some kind of horse whisperer.AA the-derby-stallion-2

5. High School Musical 2. The first movie was a hit. The third movie went to cinemas. This just kinda sucked. AA high-school-musical-2-poster

6. The Lucky One. Where Zac grew designer stubble.
AA lucky_one_xlg

7. Hairspray. Ok, so you’ve seen this. But now you know Amanda Bynes is crazy WATCH IT AGAIN!

8. The Paperboy. Where Zac pees on Nicole Kidman.AA The-Paperboy-2012-movie-poster