Now here’s something to grab attention.

An advertising agency has teamed up with German men’s magazine Vangardist to print 3,000 copies using ink infused with HIV+ blood.

The blood is donated by three individuals living with the HIV virus, and has a theme of ‘Red’ running throughout.


The magazine has been produced according to the most stringent controls to ensure that the handling of a physical copy carries no risk of infection. The donated blood was pasteurized, a heat process that assures the virus is neutralized and incapable of transmission.



Publisher Julian Wiehl said: “We believe that as a lifestyle magazine it is our responsibility to address the issues shaping society today. With 80% more confirmed cases of HIV being recorded in 2013 than 10 years previously, and an estimated 50% of HIV cases being detected late due to lack of testing caused by social stigma associated with the virus.”


You can read the magazine for yourself at (but it is all in German!)

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