Every LGBT teen experiences some kind of isolation as a result of their sexuality or gender identity. LGBT youth bullying, depression, suicide and homelessness have finally had some mainstream attention, even with celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande pledging their support to teens at risk.


Love in full colour is a film following the story of a few LGBT teens who are attending the world’s first ever Same Sex Formal in Melbourne. The Minus18 Formal is a game-changer for LGBT teenagers everywhere, and the film is going to put a spotlight on this incredible event and show it to the world.

We’ve seen the film and it’s awesome! Check out their page on Kickstarter and help fund their final stages of post-production so it can have a smooth opening and reach school-age teenagers nationally. It just needs a final boost to its crowd funding target to make it, contribute what you can!

Click here for Kickstarter project and more info.