Reports from highly trusted *cough* gossip magazine Star, in the USA, is reporting that Brad Pitt is bisexual and he has been “hooking up” with male escorts for the past 10 years … and Angelina knows about.

The report (and we use that term loosely) claims that Pitt is very picky with the guys he sleeps with inviting them to a hotel room after selecting them of website rent Some times turning them down and sending them on their way after they have arrived at the hotel.

Here is one of the guys he's reported to have slept with
Here is one of the guys he’s reported to have slept with


According to Star Magazine:

Hollywood insider Hesham “Sham” Ibrahim, who has been a long-time traveler with the same social circles as Brad and Angelina, exclusively told Star, “I don’t want to define Brad Pitt’s sexuality, but whatever it is, he’s into guys.”

And his sexuality with men isn’t a new thing. Sham told Star that Brad’s bisexuality has been going on for close to 10 years and even spoke about two of his male hookups. Cameron Fox, who did adult films and was an all-American looking adult-film actor, was contacted by Brad on a website called nearly a decade ago. The two were supposed to meet at a hotel in Monterey, California. “When [Cameron] got there, an assistant met him in the lobby and took him to a room. Sure enough, there was Brad Pitt,” Sham tells Star. “Brad took one look at him, gave him a thousand dollars and asked him to leave. Cameron wasn’t as attractive as he appeared to be in his pictures. I guess Brad has picky taste.”


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