#1 Lowers Cortisol

Cuddling promotes a feel of security which reduces stress and lowers cortisol which is responsible for belly fat.


#2 Boosts Oxytocin

Oxytocin the love hormone that bonds us.

#3 Reduces Cytokines

Cyttokines cause inflammation in the body, which can cause cancer.


#4 Eases Anxiety

Cuddling eases anxiety which reduces stress, a number one killer.

#5 Fall Asleep Faster

Those who cuddle fall asleep faster, and we know how important sleep is to our health.


#6 Wake Less Often

Cuddlers wake less often. It’s like sleeping with our teddy bears when we were kids.

#7 Tighter Bond

If you cuddle and sleep naked, your bond grows exponentially, which in turn makes you feel good, which in turn lowers stress, which in turn helps you live longer.

Who wants a …