With a keen eye on what’s trending in the fashion world, we could not pass the latest trend to come from London fashion label ‘Sibling’ for it’s Spring 2016 collection.

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Bubble butt’ers rejoice fashion has it’s keen eye on your butt as butt cleavage is the rage walking down the fashion runway in London.

Fashion designers Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery have created pants tailored specifically to ride low on the wearers backside.


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“All the lace trousers were knitted, they’d come from a very traditional pair of NFL sports trousers,” McCreery told website i-D, “and the guys would always wear jock straps underneath it, and you just naturally get that gap – we just made the tops a bit shorter so the gap was a bit more obvious! But none of those guys had a problem with it.”

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We don’t have a problem with it either. Although we feel it takes a slight influence from the 90’s fashion of low riding pants, butt a little more fitting, in both senses of the term.