Take a glance at today’s Daily Telegraph and you’ll see the front page headline “GAY CLASS UPROAR”. Yep, in 2015.

In a nutshell, presbyterian minister Mark Powell is upset that Burwood Girls High School (a public school) was forcing students to watch the movie “Gayby Baby” (directed by an ex-student), even though they had the option not to watch.

Apparently parents were “outraged”, although the Telegraph could only quote one – who wouldn’t give his full name.

If you haven’t seen it, “Gayby Baby” follows the lives of several children with same-sex parents. It played to sell-out crowds at the Sydney Film Festival in June and has been praised for promoting acceptable and diversity.

Now it may seem understandable that a school would give students the chance to see a critically-acclaimed film by a former student as part of their school day.

But the NSW education minister doesn’t agree.

Adrian Piccoli has already bowed to pressure this morning and banned the film being shown in school hours. He says schools are not the place for political issues to be aired.

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