This is so sad!

Amazingly talented singer Troye Sivan has been forced to cancel his show in Sydney TONIGHT due to ill health.

After consulting with a specialist this afternoon Troye has been advised performing with his current condition could have long term repercussions on his ability to sing.

Troye posted the news to his fans today;

“Hey Sydney and Perth,

Nothing could make me sadder than what I’m about to say. I’m really unwell and apparently, as I’ve been told by the 4 doctors I’ve seen in the last 24 hours, I have had acute laryngitis which has gotten much worse and now developed sinusitis, leaving me too sick to sing.

In the last week I’ve been to Washington DC, Toronto, New York, London, and Sydney, and it just feels like my body and voice have finally given up on me. I have family flying in for this show, friends flying in, journalists coming, music industry people coming that I’ve been looking forward to meeting for months, my record label who I care so deeply about and who work so hard every day (and who haven’t seen me play yet), this was my first home show (!!!!), and most importantly there’s you guys waiting outside the venue already, and I’m the fucking sickest I’ve probably ever been in my life. It sucks. I’m on antibiotics, medication to reduce mucus, a full dose of steroids, have drunk loads of water and been gargling everything under the sun – all to no avail. Hopefully the three or four days rest I get now will be enough to get me better.

Thank you for buying tickets, thank you for caring, thank you for understanding, and I swear I will be back and better than ever, with my voice, so so so so so soon (we’re already scrambling to look at new dates) to hug you guys, apologise, and give the hopefully amazing shows that you deserve.

Love you, love Troye xxxx”

The Sydney show was scheduled to take place this evening at the Metro Theatre, while his hometown show in Perth was taking place this Sunday 15 November.

Fans who purchased tickets via official ticketing outlets will receive full refunds as follows:

Credit Card: Tickets purchased by credit card will be automatically refunded within the next 7 days.

Cash & Eftpos: Patrons that purchased by Cash/Eftpos will be contacted with instructions on how to obtain their refund. ?Refund information can also be found here:

Credit Card: Tickets purchased by credit card will be automatically refunded within the next 7 days.

Cash & Eftpos : Patrons that purchased by Cash/Eftpos through the Astor Theatre box office, are to contact the Astor Theatre Box Office for refunds
Frontier Touring wish Troye Sivan a safe and speedy recovery and hope to confirm new dates with Troye for 2016.