If you’re hoping to catch some badly dubbed Ru Paul’s on your next trip to Bali – think again.

Indonesia has just banned ‘effeminate’ men from appearing on television. Graham Norton and Joel Creasey – we THINK that means you??

The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission has issued a directive after ‘complaints’ from viewers. The new rules ban:

  • Feminine body language exhibited by men, including, but not limited to, walking style, sitting style, hand gestures and other behaviors
  • Men speaking in a feminine way
  • Men wearing feminine fashion
  • Men wearing feminine make-up
  • Depicting justifications or promoting that men can behave effeminately
  • Depicting a man greeting another man in ways that are supposed to be for women
  • Depicting terminologies and colloquial terms that are often used by effeminate males

Apparently it can all encourage kids to behave the same.

What the actual Indonesia?