The plebiscite on marriage equality is now “hanging by a thread” according to experts, who say there’ll be enough support in the new Parliament to pass it the old fashioned way!

Just looking at seats which do have a result after the election, there are now more MPs who support same-sex marriage than ever before.

“It’s clear that the Coalition doesn’t have a mandate to proceed with the plebiscite,” Australian Marriage Equality director Rodney Croome told Fairfax.

“There’s an increased majority of MPs in favour of marriage equality. If there was a free vote, there’s no doubt that the legislation would pass.”

Even if the Coalition does manage to hold onto power, Malcolm Turnbull will have a hard time pushing through the costly plebiscite. Labor has vowed to oppose it, and getting anything controversial through the Senate will be a nightmare.

Experts say the most likely outcome is a conscience vote (which Turnbull has supported in the past), and looking at the numbers – same-sex marriage would pass!