Anyone who stepped foot inside an Aussie gay club in the late 2000s looooves Zoe Badwi.

Her monster track ‘Release Me’ made it to #1 on the ARIA Club Chart, which she followed up with hits like Freefallin, Carry Me Home and Torches.

Torches was even the official song for Mardi Gras 2013.

But the whirlwind came to a sudden stop in May 2014 when Zoe was hit by a car in Melbourne.

“When the accident happened I didn’t realise how bad it was,” she told News Corp.

“I did a TV show with The Potbellez in Sydney and I realised I had lost my memory.

“The next week we had a festival gig and they looked at me, and said ‘you are not ok,’”

It left Zoe in rehab and forced her out of the music industry for 2 years. But the good news is – she’s back!

Despite still receiving treatment, she’s recorded a new single with The Potbellez, a cover of Mousse T’s ‘Horny’!

“I have my dark moments, but I keep them to myself.

“I didn’t get there in the first place by giving up, and I’m not going to now.”