Everyone’s talking about PrEP right now, and for very good reason. The once-a-day tablet protects people from HIV. Yep, just like “the pill” stops pregnancy, PrEP can stop HIV.

It’s been approved in the US since 2012, but like same-sex marriage (*groan*) it is taking a little longer here.

Last month authorities rejected an application to add it to Australia’s PBS, meaning it will remain VERY expensive for the foreseeable future.

The good news is that a trial in NSW means those who meet the criteria can get themselves a prescription to PrEP at the moment. However places in the trial are running out.

3,700 people will be accepted in total, and doctors think it will be full by October – if not before. If you’ve been thinking about PrEP, now is the time to act.

The patented medication is worth about $1000/month, and the other option is buying it online from overseas.

So how can you join the trial?

esd-logo-blueEast Sydney Doctors on Burton St in Darlinghurst still has places available, and is one of the easiest clinics to get into:

  • They’re open EVERYDAY, 7 days a week

  • They accept walk-ins, no booking necessary

  • Bulk billing is available for PrEP consulations

Give them a call on (02) 9332 2531, or book online here. Or just go in at 102 Burton Street, Darlinghurst.

If you think PrEP is right for you, talk to someone now.