Mardi Gras has arrived again and – as usual – I’ve booked more parties than I can physically attend.

Not because I’ve double booked them, but because my hangover recovery times seem to get uncontrollably longer each year.

Those “quiet drinks” on Friday night before the Mardi Gras parade are always such a killer!

So I decided to try something that Kim Kardashian apparently uses when she has a big event to attend. It’s called an IV vitamin drip, designed to boost energy and cure hangovers – before they’ve even hit you.

Face Plus Medispa at Bondi Beach (above Woolworths Metro) has a “Drip and Chill” lounge that is being used more and more by Sydney guys.

Yes, it’s an IV so you need to be okay with needles. And there are risks. But look away and it’s not much more than a sting.

The whole process takes about an hour, and I could feel the effect immediately. I’m a smoker who’s always trying to give up, and the hydrated and fresh feeling was similar to that I get after a couple of days off the cigs.

The team from Face Plus Medispa

The B vitamins in the drip (B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6) provide the energy boost, and putting them straight into your veins bypasses the liver for a stronger effect than daily tablets.

Ideally, you would want the IV treatment a few days before your big event – or in the case of Mardi Gras, you could actually go in between parties for an amazing hydration and energy boost.

If you want to try it yourself, call the team at Face Plus Medispa Bondi Beach on (02) 8897 0077. Treatments start from $145, and appointments are still available before Mardi Gras!