We’ve all experienced an annoying talent drought when desperately trying to meet someone new on Grindr.

Don’t you wish you someone would TELL YOU when it’s peak time?

Well, a mobile security firm has done the research for us – looking at when and how employees use dating apps on work-issued mobile phones.

And the surprising result is that 11.23am – just before lunch – is the most common time people log on during work hours.

Perhaps a good time to catch someone’s attention?

But of course, work hours aren’t very accommodating to Netflix n chill.

So the data firm, Wandera, also looked at the most popular time for various dating apps outside of work hours.

And for Grindr, it’s just before midnight at 11.55pm.

That’s quite different to others apps too. Tinder peaks at 7.01pm.

So now you have the data, make sure to sync your cruising!