The lid has just been lifted on the theme of this year’s Aurora Ball, to be held at its new home of the Sydney International Convention Centre.

It’s a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

“Come with us, dear friends, and take a trip down the rabbit hole to an elegant world of glamour and intrigue,” Aurora Group chairperson Alison King said.

“This year’s theme is full of possibilities. Be as elaborate or simple as you like. Bring your own contemporary spin to the classic imagery, in the uber-cool vein of Tim Burton perhaps. Above all, think elegant and sophisticated.

“You could delve into Lewis Carrol’s wild world for inspiration, or simply don some stylish millinery.”

The 2017 Aurora Ball will be held in a spectacular new home, the Sydney International Convention Centre.

“Eighteen years ago, this organisation began as the ambitious idea of a group of friends, full of hope and promise. Now we find ourselves on the cusp of change and better placed to serve the LGBTIQ community than ever before,” Ms King said.

“We’re growing up, and so too is the Annual Aurora Ball. We’re moving to an exciting new home, we’re upping the ante and heightening the stakes, and as a result we’ll be able to continue our work in the support of important LGBTIQ initiatives.”

“We’re excited to help as many important LGBTIQ community organisations as we can through funds raised at this year’s Aurora Ball. That this fantastic event continues to grow is both wonderful and a testament to the possibilities of community engagement.”

The important date you need to remember is Saturday June 24, and you won’t want to be late to book tickets. They’re on sale. Now.

WHERE: Sydney International Convention Centre, 14 Darling Drive, Sydney
WHEN: Saturday June 24, 6.30pm
PRICE: $245 per person, per ticket plus booking fee